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Bosch Service

T-tronic Automotive offers a full range of vehicle diagnostics services.
We will help you diagnose any electrical fault in each vehicle.
Thanks to our experience and technology, we are able to repair almost any electrical fault.
Bosch Service in Mansfield - Nottingham


Foulds diagnostics - We offer professional diagnostics in your vehicle. Reading and cleaning errors in all drivers

Updating drivers

Updating Drivers, Assigning New Modules, Cloning Drivers, Function Coding, Adaptowania

Parameter analysis

Analysis of engine and modules operation, component performance tests

Service inspection

Cancellation of service inspection between inspections

Service History

A lost service book is not a tragedy. If the car has been serviced at authorized points, we will collect this information for you

Pre-purchase report

We will make a full diagnostic path before buying a car. Diagnostics, comparison of operating parameters, condition of subassemblies, visual inspection of the actual state, report on the procedure. Accident history. Valuation of service and parts needed for repair

Pico Technologog

What our specialist team of engineers can check for you


• CAN bus systems
• Service light resetting
• Diesel management systems
• Transmission systems
• Vehicle batteries
• Engine management systems
• Immobiliser systems
• ABS and traction control systems
• Airbag and SRS systems
• Air conditioning systems
• Specialist in turbo and DFP repairs


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Ignition systems

Układy zapłonowe

Fuel system

Układy wtryskowe


Zarządzanie energią

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Metody pomiarowe

Metody pomiarowe


Czujniki i elementy wykonawcze



Skrzynie biegów

Układ Hamulcowy



Systemy wspomagające kierowcę


Systemy wspomagające kierowcy



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