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At T-Tronic Automotive, we offer the installation of dashcams, i.e. car cameras that record the image from the driver's perspective.

Thanks to this, you not only have proof of road incidents, but also you can easily analyze your driving and improve your skills.

Our dash cameras have high quality recording in Full HD or 4K resolution, as well as a wide viewing angle, which allows you to record the entire situation on the road.

In the event of an accident or collision, the recordings can be important evidence in an insurance case.

Our specialists will install the camera in a safe and professional manner so that it does not interfere with driving. We will adjust the camera settings to your needs and preferences to get the best recording results.

Invest in your safety and be sure that you have an accurate record of the entire traffic situation if necessary.

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Protection against traffic fraud

Protection against traffic fraud – dashcams record every incident on the road, which can help you avoid traffic fraud such as rear-end collision to extort compensation.

Evidence in the case of accidents

Evidence in the case of accidents – in the event of a traffic accident, dash cam footage can be important evidence in the investigation process, which can help determine the culprits and clarify the circumstances of the event.

Increased road safety

Increased road safety – dashcam car cameras can help to increase road safety as drivers will be more careful knowing that they are being recorded.

Monitoring the driver's behavior

Monitoring the driver’s behavior – dashcams can help monitor the driver’s behavior, which can help to improve his driving style and reduce the risk of road accidents.

Savings on insurance

Savings on insurance – some insurance companies in the UK offer discounts on car insurance if you install a dashcam as this can help reduce the risk of road accidents.

Anti-theft protection

Anti-theft protection – dash cams can help protect your car from theft as the dash cam recordings can help you identify the identity of the thief.

Recording Beautiful Views

Recording Beautiful Views – dashcams can record beautiful views and points of interest that drivers pass while traveling, which can be a great souvenir.

How to mount dashcams yourself

The installation of the dashcam in T-Tronic Automotive is relatively simple and can be done by yourself, without the need to use the services of a mechanic. Here are the steps you need to take to install a dashcam on your T-Tronic Automotive:

1. Choose a suitable place to mount the camera – the best places are the windshield, behind the rear-view mirror or the dashboard.

2. Prepare the surface – before mounting the camera, clean the surface where the suction cup will be placed. Use isopropyl alcohol or a special cleaner.

3. Attach the camera – after cleaning the surface, attach the camera to the selected place with the suction cup. Remember to place it in such a way that it does not obscure the driver’s view.

4. Connect the power cable to the cigarette lighter socket – the power cable of the camera should be connected to the cigarette lighter socket in the car. Make sure that the cable will not get in the way while driving.

5. Position the camera – after connecting the power supply, set the camera in the right way. Make sure the image is clear and clearly visible.

6. Configure the camera – after installing the camera, configure its settings. Depending on the camera model, you can change such settings as the resolution of the recorded image, recording mode or menu language.

After following these steps, your dashcam should work properly and record while driving. However, please note that using a dash cam while driving may be prohibited in some countries and require special permits or registration in others. Before installing the camera, it is worth making sure what are the regulations in force in your country.

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